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Realizing a peaceful world by Information Technology (IT)

Is IT Revolution bringing human beings truly happy?

Peace Engineering” is to promote and realize a peaceful world by Advanced Technology and Information Technology.


About 30 years have passed since the birth of a personal computer, and about 20 years have passed since the spread of The Internet. Even though human beings reached into the space, social media brought up, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) is developing, there exist definitely challenges and gaps to be reformed in this moment.


“Lots of technology have been developed in order to strengthen the military and win the war.” We aim a shift to develop technology for making a society much better.

It depends on a challenge whether Information Technology contributes to bring human beings happiness. The challenge means entrepreneurs in IT industry are not only growing up but also acting for reducing conflicts and gaps.


Our NPO “EdoTec Global” is aiming a peaceful world without any difficulties nor inconvenience by mashing up the advanced knowledge on International Cooperation and Conflict Resolution and the advanced technology.

Bringing children & youth in developing countries “Global Leaders” with a spirit to realize a peaceful world.

The very leader brought up in the developing countries can be realizing a peaceful world passionately through a life.

People all over the world wish for a society without any displeasure and inconvenience, but there have not been such a world, even through the history. One of the reasons we consider is that the present world is progressed by leaders in developed countries who don’t get injured directly by such a difficulty and inconvenience.

We are expanding “EdoTec Global School” where ICT and Leadership are taught to the children & youth in developing countries. We are aiming to send young leaders to change the world more peaceful through ICT education.

EdoTec Global School will be The World “Shokasonjuku” for the 21st century.

“Shokasonjuku” is a private school that sent lots of Japanese leaders to contribute Japanese Modernization during the end of Edo era and last century. EdoTec Global School is the advanced educational institution beyond any social position and boundaries.



Edotec Global School

Founding and managing EdoTec Global School in several countries

It has been impossible for children & youth in the bottom of a pyramid to be global leaders.

Why can we send global leaders with a peaceful willingness?

We realize it by six EdoTec ways.

① Advanced technology and ICT are neutral for political ideology and any doctrine.

② Dispatching Japanese teachers directly, selecting children & youth in the impoverished countries, and educating them at no charge.

③ ICT skills are so helpful for students to get a job and become independent economically that they are strongly motivated to study.

④ ICT includes features of transparency and interactivity, so they are useful to promote a better society.

⑤ Learning advanced technology and ICT used for “Social Good” leads students to have a broad sight to the society. It also provides students with a mindset “Peace Engineering” to contribute a happiness of human beings.

⑥Making a “win-win” relation between an EdoTec Global school and IT industry which are lacking technological human resources over the world.

6つの EDO TEC WAY で実践します

地球社会の最下層の子供からグローバルなリーダーが出現することは、今まではあり得ない事 でした。では、なぜICT中心のEDO TEC Global Schoolの教育が平和の為のリーダー輩出実現できるのか?

6つの EDO TEC WAY で実現します。

  1. 先端技術・ICTは、政治イデオロギーや主義主張に対して中立なので、ICT教育は途上国で受け入れやすいテーマである
  2. 日本から直接、教える人間を派遣し、当事国と協力し貧困層の青少年を選抜して、無償で運営する教育の場である
  3. ICTスキルは、職に直結し経済的自立となるので、学びの高い動機づけとなる。
  4. 社会の透明性、双方向性の促進できるツール・ICTを修得することで、良き社会を実現する具体的な手段を得る
  5. Social Goodに活かされている先端技術・ICTを徹底的に学ぶことで、社会への俯瞰した視点を持ち、技術で人類幸福に貢献するPeace Engineeringのマインドセットを養える
  6. 世界的にテクノロジー人材が不足するIT産業とwin-winな関係でICT教育を推進できる。

Edotec Way

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