2019 / 7

Recruiting interns.

Do you not play an active part in EdotecGlobal?

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2019 / 6

G20 Finance Minister / Central Bank Governors Meeting in Fukuoka Commemorative Event
Open Innovation Promotion Council in the IoT / AI era
The 3rd Symposium in Fukuoka (Co-sponsor, Kano Lecturer)

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6.7 Modification of the flyer

2019 / 3

Opened Edotec Global School 2019 in Tokyo (block chain course)

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8th September, 2018

Opening Edotec Global School 2018 in Rwanda

5th June, 2018

Opening Edotec Global School in Tokyo

19th March, 2018

Starting bitcoin-based fundraising at kizuna

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Screenshot 2018-09-24 1.48.20