Edotec Global School

~ PeaceTech Human Resources Development ~

Those living in conflict countries and poor countries have an incredible motivation to lose war and create a peaceful world through their painful experiences of the war.

Give knowledge of IT technology to resolve their social problems to young people of conflict countries / poor countries with that intention, train them to become leaders who seriously can achieve and realize world peace betting life In order to achieve the mission of being here, we are conducting educational activities in cooperation with local partner companies and schools in areas around the world including Japan.

Curriculum ① 【lecture series】

In addition to basic education of the latest IT technology such as block chain, Edotec Global School education = "Social Good Method" (education) which thinks on how to make use of its latest IT technology to resolve social problems of realization of world peace by their own power Leadership skills, etc.).

By doing this, students will not only acquire skills, get opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship, but also train the foundation to act as a leader and social entrepreneur realizing world peace.


Curriculum ② 【Fieldwork】

Just learning the latest IT technology and Social Good Method by classroom is not enough to be a leader or social entrepreneur realizing world peace. At Edotec Global School, we collaborate with local NPO organizations and provide a place (field work) for practicing social problem solving by the latest IT technology.

Specifically, students visit local corporations or individual residences to hear what kind of problems are occurring. Then, while consulting with the staff and lecturers of Edotec Global School, we will devise ways of solving the social problems found and acquiring assistance through donation with our own power.

With this activity

① Increase student's social task discovering ability and solution ability using latest IT technology,

② By allowing parties to the task to implement solutions themselves,

③ We will support the thought that each student wishes to contribute "for the people of their home country" and "I want to contribute to the community" aiming at solving the social problems that the community has.