Artificial intelligence course 2018

Knowledge and experience necessary to become an AI engineer,
3 months you can master thoroughly in the order to learn

As well as acquiring advanced technology,
A full-scale problem solving program that carries out formulation of problem solving solutions making full use of the learned contents

Target audience

Basically it is a 3rd year college student, a 1st grad student.

Before you attend this course, I will review whether you have basic knowledge of Python.


  • 【Basic Term】
    I will learn about the basics of AI and introduction to machine learning.
  • 【Main Term】
    Learn about algorithm of machine learning, operation (data manipulation) flow.
  • 【Exercise Term】
    We will examine the solution (solution) using AI specifically for the presented theme.
    Finally, I will present about the solution as a graduation announcement.


2018/6/5 orientation
2018/6/8 Lecture "AI and human society" Mr. Shunichi Amari
2018/6/10 AI foundation
2018/6/15 Introduction to machine learning
2018/6/22 Machine learning algorithm 1
2018/6/27 Machine learning algorithm 2
2018/7/4 Machine learning flow
2018/7/11 AI foundation
2018/6/10 Challenge to kaggle
2018/8/2 AI solution creation exercises 1
2018/8/16 AI solution creation exercises 2
2018/8/20 Lecture "Use AI for Society and Business" Mr. Yoichiro Miyake
(AI solution creation exercise 3)
2018/8/23 AI solution creation exercises 4
2018/8/29 Graduation recital

Mr. Amari Amari

Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo
Special Advisor to RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Ayala Research Advisor, Inc.

Mathematical brain scientist. Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, Special Advisor to RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Ayala Research Advisor. He is the founder of information geometry. Information geometry is widely used in various fields such as statistics, signal processing, information theory and machine learning. It is also a pioneer in mathematical studies of neural networks. Currently using information geometry, we are working on integrated information theory and research on Wasserstein distance.

Mr. Yoichiro Miyake

Kyoto Bachelor's degree degree
Specialized in artificial intelligence in digital games. International Game Developer Association Japan Game AI Expert Group Chair, Director of the Japan Digital Game Society, Director of the Arts Society, Editorial Board of Artificial Intelligence Society.

Writing "Why artificial intelligence can talk with people" "philosophy cram school for artificial intelligence" "artificial intelligence understandable with pictures"

Mr. Kenji Kubota

President of Information Science Engineering Company
Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University (Master of Information Science)

At Fujitsu Limited, engaged in research and development of mobile phone software, project management. 2015 Year, established Ahacraft Co., Ltd., is strong in engineering to connect information science technology to real business with the background of information science and full stack engineering as its strengths.

Mr. Yuki Hashimoto

Representative Director of A-bridge Co., Ltd.
Master of Agriculture (Plant Breeding), Master of Business Administration (MBA)

He is a SI company engaged in financial system development. After that, at an IT consulting firm, engaged in system integration of leasing companies, work efficiency improvement, BPR.
We are good at designing the entire system from system upstream to downstream process, system optimization, quality control.
Currently, while conducting project management, we are conducting activities towards application of artificial intelligence to industrial fields (especially agriculture).

In addition, the active data scientist active in a famous enterprise will explain the basic theory of artificial intelligence and applied application scenes.


Harajuku Hall Heart Lounge

A partner company Hall Heart Co., Ltd.
URL https://www.hallheart.co.jp/about/
Address 〒150-0001
3-36-26 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, JAPAN
Ems Harajuku 5F

Management group

Name Non-Profit Organization Edotec Global
URL https://edotec.org/
CEO Kanno Seiichi
Location 〒150 - 0001 Jingumae Shibuya - ku, Tokyo 6 - chome 34 - 3 Harajuku Burdant Heights 102 issue
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/edotec.org/

A partner company

Company name Hall Heart Co., Ltd.
URL https://www.hallheart.co.jp/
CEO Shinichi Ono CEO Representative Director