Issues Addressed by Edtech Global

Computers appeared in the world about 30 years ago, and also did the Internet about 20 years ago. Killing and hunger still exist even in the XNUMXst century, when humans go out of the space by rocket, social media becomes flourishing, and AI and IoT are all around here.
Even when artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) appear, people are going to space in the rocket, the social media is prosperous, even though both killing and starvation have celebrated the 21 century, there is still a strict existence.

"Many scientific skills have been developed and used in order to battle and win in wars". We must drastically turn this painful and negative history into the positive one. It is the ultimate human's duty to make IT technology and its industry contribute to their happiness, and also to eradicate wars and hunger which has annoyed us over the years.
We must change this sorrowful negative history from its root. Whether information technology can greatly contribute to human well-being depends not only on the IT industry of the rising entrepreneur but also for the eradication of war and hunger, which is a problem that goes beyond the times, the extreme of humanity's wisdom It can be said that it reaches.

The serious issues of wars and hunger has not been sorted out completely yet, so we, a nonprofit corporation called Edtech Global, gather the latest information on the ideas of peace issues solutions or international cooperation. We are heading towards the world without murders, aiming to realize it by 2045.

Why Edtech Global solves it

Why do we work to realize world peace?

It is because the Japanese are the best in the world to nurture leaders who play the role.
The reason is from the "four neutral values" and "two weak points" of the Japanese.

The four neutral values ​​of the Japanese are:

  1. Religion: Flat only in developed countries

  2. Ethnicity: It is the only colored race country member of the Summit

  3. Military: building an economic power without relying on weapons exports

  4. Economy: It is historical and DNA oriented towards new capitalism (environmental symbiosis, CSR, NPO, social enterprise etc.). It is capitalism that does not rely on money games, respect manufacturing, technology, labor

The Japanese are neutral, colorless and transparent in religion, race, military affairs, economy = 【4 major themes in the world】. It is a congenital position that can not be imitated anywhere in the world

The two weaknesses of the Japanese are:

"Japan relies heavily on foreign countries for ① food and ② energy absolutely indispensable for the existence of individuals and nations"

In other words, Japanese people benefit only by being able to clear weak points by being peaceful worlds where people, goods, money, money and information go and go freely borderlessly.

That's right. Everyone, from the viewpoint of pursuit of self-interest, also from the point that it is a perfect position for global consolidation and conflict arbitration, it is mission and fate to guide Japanese to symbiosis and peace of the earth. Let's act together! To killing and realizing the world without hunger.