Sakuichi Konno


(Current position)

· President of the Japanese policy school

· Representative Director of Non-Profit Organization Edotec Global

· Specially-appointed Professor of Tama University Graduate School

· President of Peace Tech Lab Co., Ltd.

· Director of Japan Women's Business College

· Councilor of Public Interest Foundation Corporation Tokyo Community Foundation


· Master's degree in International Public Policy Institute, Columbia University

"Business field"

· Representative Director of Breakthrough Co., Ltd. (Management Company of Policy school named Isshinjuku and Entrepreneurship School named Attackers Business School)

· Partner of Ohmae and Associates

· Director of Business Breakthrough Co., Ltd.

· Director of Net Capital Partners Co., Ltd.

· Assistant president of Konishi Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

"School Education Field"

· Representative Director of Policy School Isshinjuku (operated by Business Breakthrough)

· Representative Director of Entrepreneurship training school Attackers Business School (operated by Business Breakthrough)

· Founding Member of Business Breakthrough Graduate School University

"Social field"

· Researcher o Public Policy Think Tank "Heisei Ishinha no Kai"

· Founder of Gamba NPO Net (that is now Giveone) , Portal site of donation to NPO

(Main autobiography / co-author)

· "Selection of the future - How will our future change in policy?" (Discover 21)

· "Conditions of Net Business Winner - Learning from NY Silicon Array and Tokyo Bit Valley" (Diamond)

· "The future of Japan where the E community will change ~ Regional revitalization and NPO" (jointly published by NTT Publishing)

· "Even a normal business can start a business" (coauthor: Diamond company)

· "Scenario for reconstruction of Japan" (jointly written by Diamond Company)

· "The limit of the state has come into view" (jointly written by Diamond Company)

· "Why does not Japan change" (co-author: Diamond company)

· "Digital Revolution and New Business" (co-author: President)

· "Wisdom of a nonpartisan era" (co-author: Clubhouse Company)

(Main series)

· "Nikkei IT Pro" series "Out! Peace Tech Innovator "(Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)

· "Nikkei Business · Campanella" series "Age of Tri-Sector Leader ~ Contemporary" Miyazawa Kenji "Story"

· "Nikkei Business Online" Series "Issues of Selected Japanese 13"

· "Nikkei Business Online" Series "Political Change After 3 · 11"

· Serialized "Silicon Array Entrepreneurs" in the magazine "Nikkei Net Brain" (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)

· Serialize "What is NPO" to the magazine "Nikkei Masters" (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)

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