Organization name

Non-Profit Organization Edotec Global

Head office location

102, Harazyuku ba-dantohaitsu, 6-34-3, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Date of establishment


Specified nonprofit corporation
Cabinet Office certification acquired


Registration completion date



Sakuichi Konno (Profile

Board Member

Representative Director Sakuichi Konno
(President of Japan Policy School, Special Assistant Professor of Tama University Graduate School (MBA) , Board of Japan Women's Business Administration Graduate School, Councilor of Tokyo Community Foundation, President of Peace Tech Lab Co., Ltd.)

Board / Toshiki Sumiya
(President of Kobe Information Graduate University, Representative of Learn Net Global School)

Board / Hiroyuki Morikawa
(Professor of Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo)

Auditor / Teizo Okuyama


Jun Murai (Professor of Keio University)

Kenji Isezaki (Professor of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Hiroshi Suzuki (Deputy Minister of Former Education Science and Technology Ministry)

Tsuyoshi Ito (Representative Director of Asobot Corporation / Lecturer of "Peace Building and Conflict Prevention Course" at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies )

Yukihiro Masumoto (The Founder of Programming Language "Ruby")

Dan Kogai (Representative of DAN Corporation / Open Source Developer)

Kenji Saito (Executive Director of Beyond Block Chain Institute, Executive Senior Researcher of Keio University SFC Institute)

Katsunobu Takagi (Block Chain Architect)


Masako Fujimoto (Miss Bit Coin / Founder of KIZUNA)

Shinohara Hiroyuki (Co-Founder & COO of SIVIRA Co., Ltd.)

Yasumasa Kawasaki (Representative of GIFTED AGENT Corporation)

Number of Staff

About XNUMX pro bono staffs


(1) Educational projects such as programming, facilitation and social good for elementary, junior high, high school, university students in developing countries

(2) Educational projects such as programming, facilitation, social good, English for teachers in developing countries

(3) Educational business such as programming, facilitation, social good, English for Japanese students and social workers

(4) Educational projects such as programming, facilitation, social good and English for schools and companies in Japan

(5) Human resources development support project dispatching as a Fellow to a free school in a developing country

(6) Consulting activities for local residents in Japan to make villages and town planning

(7) Other necessary projects to achieve objectives