1. Support as a management staff

As a staff managing this project, we are looking for someone who can help with communication with each school, coordination with lecturers, administrative operation for business promotion, etc.

Volunteers of social workers and student interns are engaged in the administration work utilizing experience and specialized fields.

There is no need for expertise in international development, conflict resolution or technology. If you are interested, feel free to contact us by Inquiry form

2. Support by donation

We will use the donation received from everyone for the development of teacher training materials for PeaceTech human resource development and the cost of traveling such as travel expenses.

I am waiting for your warm support.

(Donation by bank transfer)

Mizuho Bank

Account name ( Japanese ): tokuteihieirikatsudouhoujin edotekkuguro-baru

Branch Number: 211 Aoyama Branch

Account number: 2436122

(Donation by Bitcoin)

Cheering Messages from Ms. Bit Coin Mai Fujimoto

Come and feel free to contact us byInquiry form

3. Business tie-up with companies / organizations

In order to realize a world free from hunger and war, we are engaged in developing state-of-the-art IT education for young people who have experiences of hunger and war, and are striving to develop PeaceTech human resources.

We are looking for companies and organizations who agree with this activity and are proceeding with business development and management together with interns acceptance, alliance partnership and sponsorship.

Come and feel free to contact us by Inquiry form

Acceptance of internship

We are looking for companies and organizations that accept students who learned advanced IT technology and peaceminds at overseas schools and Tokyo schools as interns.

After the internship, companies and organizations, interns will hear from both, and if conditions are met, potential employees can be arranged.

In addition, I will consult the details such as internship period, cost burden etc. individually.