Let's go with "Peace Engineering" to realize world peace with IT (information technology)!

‘Peace Engineering’ promotes and realizes the world without killing or hunger with advanced technology based on information technology.

Computers appeared in the world about 30 years ago, and also did the Internet about 20 years ago. Killing and hunger still exist even in the XNUMXst century, when humans go out of the space by rocket, social media becomes flourishing, and AI and IoT are all around here.
Even when artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) appear, people are going to space in the rocket, the social media is prosperous, even though both killing and starvation have celebrated the 21 century, there is still a strict existence.

"Many scientific skills have been developed and used in order to battle and win in wars". We must drastically turn this painful and negative history into the positive one. It is the ultimate human's duty to make IT technology and its industry contribute to their happiness, and also to eradicate wars and hunger which has annoyed us over the years.
We must change this sorrowful negative history from its root. Whether information technology can greatly contribute to human well-being depends not only on the IT industry of the rising entrepreneur but also for the eradication of war and hunger, which is a problem that goes beyond the times, the extreme of humanity's wisdom It can be said that it reaches.

The serious issues of wars and hunger has not been sorted out completely yet, so we, a nonprofit corporation called Edtech Global, gather the latest information on the ideas of peace issues solutions or international cooperation. We are heading towards the world without murders, aiming to realize it by 2045.


Foster "world leader" of realization of peace from young people who experience "war" and "starvation" as their primary experiences

A world leader who can really achieve and realize peace, betting life, is a man who has miserable slaughter / poverty as an experience.

People all over the world desire a society that has neither "war dead" nor "starvation" regardless of developed countries or developing countries, but it has never been lost. It is because the people in the developed world do not have to worry even if "war" and "starvation" do not go away, which is driving the world.

In order to produce a world leader that realizes a peaceful society, we have to offer ICT and leadership to the children of the poor in the countries where the harsh "conflict", "massacres" and "repression" existed from the end of the 20 century to the 21 century I will develop a teaching school "EDO TEC Global School" to each country.


I will practice leader education that realizes world peace with 6 one EDOTEC WAY

  1. Advanced technology · Since ICT is neutral to political ideology and principle assertion, ICT education is a theme that is easy to accept in developing countries
  2. It is a place of education to dispatch teaching people directly from Japan, cooperate with the parties to select young people of the poor, and operate it free of charge
  3. Since ICT skills are directly linked to jobs and become economically independent, they become highly motivated for learning
  4. Learn specific tools to realize a good society by acquiring tools and ICT that can promote social transparency and interactivity
  5. By learning sophisticated technologies and ICTs that are utilized in Social Good, we will develop Peace Engineering's mind set that has a bird's-eye view of society and contributes to human happiness with technology
  6. We can promote ICT education with win-win relationship with IT industry globally lacking technology talent

"Edotec Global" Feelings of the representative put in the name

The origin of EDO is Edo ( = Japanese DNA) and Education